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Tips On Gluing Sheltie Ears

October 3, 2017

Grooming is a big part of hygiene, in both humans and animals. This is especially the case when dealing with domesticated household pets, such as with breeding dogs and cats. For sheltie dogs, there's nothing more desirable than perfectly neat little ears.

You don't need us here at Speed-Sew to tell you that it doesn't just happen, though; sheltie ears require that you put in the time and effort needed for them, with the occasional need for gluing sheltie ears to get that perfect placement. It's advisable to start training ears whilst the sheltie is young, with gluing sheltie ears starting at around six weeks, followed by serious training starting at 10 weeks of age. Diligent work with ear training will eventually lead to beautiful ears.

First off, materials.You'll need some padding roll, latex adhesive/bonding cement, fabric glue like Speed-Sew, some string and scissors. If you're wondering what's safe for your sheltie, it's worth looking for brands aimed specifically for use with sheltie ear training, or for any brand safe for direct contact on dogs. Pharmacies are a good place to start.

With the padding: cut it into  6 pieces. You will use the padding roll as the brace for the ears, with the bottom part of it being larger than the top. Use string and the adhesive to bond the bottom parts together. The size of the braces depend on your pup's size, so might want to test it with some paper first to make sure.

Tip both ears equally and carefully, using something like Speed-Sew to stick the padding rolls together for tipping the ears. If necessary at any point during this whole process, hold your pup. If they mess with the process, you'll end up with more work and, possibly, an injured pup, neither of which you want.

NEVER remove the braces without the use of an adhesive remover. After a few weeks, the braces will start to come loose; that's your queue to break out the remover.

Wait a few days to see how the ears are coming along, to see if you need another bracing, and to make the necessary adjustments should you need to.